What Is Flocking

Flocking is the application of nylon fibres to a non porous adhesive coated surface using an electrostatic charge.

Why is Electrostatic energy used?

Electrostatic energy is used to attract the fibres to the adhesive coated surface end on.
Both the Fibres and adhesive have an electrostatic current run through them so the fibres leave the applicator at a high velocity and hit the adhesive end on so they are stood up, the charge which coats the fibres also makes them very durable

Different uses for Flock

You will find flock in a lot of rally cars and track prepared cars as flock stops glare from the sun reflecting on windscreens; it also acts as a heat insulator and reduces rattles in the car also feels nicer to the touch than plastic.

You will also see toys, greeting cards and clothing may have flocked motifs/designs on them

How durable is flock?

The fibres themselves are Nylon, Rayon and some Trilobal.
All these materials are exceptionally hard wearing and nylon is heat resistant up to 220c.

How do you clean Flock?

Simply with the brush attachment from a hover or if it has become marked, use warm soapy water and gently work away the marking and leave to dry.
DO NOT use any harsh chemicals or solvents as they will remove the adhesive.

South-West Flocking

South-West Flocking

South-West Flocking

South-West Flocking
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